First Dental Visit

One of our most important goals for your child is that they will be a good dental patient for the rest of their life, and we do our best to help ensure your child's good dental health for the time that they are in our care. So your child's first visit is a crucial time for the dentist, the parent, and the child. We want your child's first time to be easy for both of you; to that end you will find that each dentist strives to make your child comfortable in the way he or she does best.

You may download and print our health history form here, or you may want to arrive approximately fifteen minutes early in order to fill out a complete medical history for your child. It is helpful if you bring your medical and/or dental insurance information with you so we can keep it on file for you. Please see the office policy page for information on dental insurance filing and financial policies.

Depending on your child's comfort level, age, and pediatric dentist, the following may be completed for your child: an examination, a thorough cleaning, dental radiographs and/or a fluoride treatment. We will be able to discuss any questions or concerns you have about your child's first visit to the dentist, and we will likely also provide some guidance regarding your child's oral health.

If you feel the need to do so, there are many options available to you to prepare your child for a dental visit. You can role play with each other at home, or read books (there are many children's books about a first visit to the dentist that include favorite characters like Dora, the Berenstain Bears, Elmo, and Barney). Your positive attitude toward your child's first dental visit will go a long way toward increasing their comfort level and confidence. As pediatric dentists we train to see children from early infancy on, and we have seen every range of behaviors for a first visit-don't worry! We are prepared and furthermore, we can help your child handle their first visit in a way that will predispose them towards good behavior in the future.

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